Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a minimum rental period?
A: For a studio we accept rental contracts starting from 6 months. Though depending on a specific accommodation, the minimum length of a rental contract could be requested as of 1 year. Usually we stick to this rule but you may always contact us with your inquiry about a shorter-term rental period.

Q: How to make a reservation?
A: In order to reserve lodgings of your choice, you are required to pre-pay the first month of the total rental payment. Please do contact us prior to making any payment to ensure that the apartment you would like to reserve is available. For reservations we accept a bank transfer on our company's account: PEIG SPRL, IBAN: BE86 0015 3201 3350, BIC/SWIFT: GEBABEBB. You could also handle us cash against a receipt & a rental contract if you happen to be already in Brussels. Please note that the reservation fee is not refundable. We will NEVER ask you to pay by WESTERN UNION and please beware of those who might try to do so.

Q: What does a rental contract look like?
A: You may download a specimen of a rental contract as well as a detailed inventory. Those documents are in French (since they are officially registered with the City Administration), please do use the Google Translator to translate them into your native language. Both documents might be slightly modified to correspond to the exact accommodation you have chosen.

Q: My employer would like to take in charge my rental payment. Can you conclude directly a rental contract with him?
A: We will be pleased to conclude a rental agreement directly with your employer and provide any additional documents required (monthly/bi-monthly invoices, final invoice).

Q: Will it be possible to obtain an electronic signed version of the rental contract prior to making a bank transfer?
A: We will gladly prepare for you an electronic version of the rental contract signed by one of the partners of the company. To complete a rental contract we would need the following data: the name of the counterparty with whom we shall conclude the contract, the actual address of the tenant (or alternatively a permanent address of the tenant), date and place of birth of the tenant, nationality of the tenant, a copy of the ID of the tenant.

Q: Are all the apartments furnished and equipped?
A: It is our concept to provide you with all the necessary items for your comfort: furniture, domestic electric appliances, crockery, cutlery and lienen. Please have a look at a specimen of a detailed inventory: each apartment is equipped with a TV set, a DVD player, a CD/radio player, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, an iron, a refrigerator, various kitchen appliances (an electric kettle, a toaster, a coffee machine, etc.).

Q: What does include a monthly rental payment?
A: The total monthly rental payment comprises: rent and charges. The exact prices are indicated under each specific rental property. Charges are subdivided in two categories: building charges (e.g. lift, concierge service 24/24, heating (where applicable), lighting, corridors cleaning, garbage disposal) and other charges (e.g. pack TV-Internet-Phone). Tenant's civil liability insurance is offered. Besides, your own consumption of electricity, water and gas (where applicable) is invoiced according to the counters each two months. The total monthly rent should be paid by a bank transfer to our company's account, arriving each month on or prior to the rental contract start date.

Q: Why a security deposit is required?
A: The security deposit (2 months rent according to the Belgian legislation) is used as a guarantee against any possible minor damages to the apartment during your stay. We have rounded up this amount for mutual convenience. The security deposit should be handled to our company prior/upon your check-in. We accept both cash and a bank transfer as payment methods. The security deposit will be refunded to you upon the check-out (minus, if applicable, a compensation for the eventual damages caused).

Q: Do I need to have a civil liability insurance prior to check-in?
A: This kind of insurance is extremely important though probably not every tenant is well informed about his/her civil liability in case of any major problem linked with one's accommodation causing damage to the third party (for example, fire or flooding). Therefore we have provided for this type of insurance in your rental contract, and it starts automatically as of the first day of your settling in.

Q: What is the check-in/check-out procedure?
A: We require the security deposit to be paid in full prior/upon transferring the keys and the security access card (where applicable) to your apartment. Upon the check-in together we look through the detailed inventory, note down the counters values and sign the rental contract (if it has not been previously done already) and the detailed inventory. Upon the check-out we verify together the state of the apartment according to the initially signed detailed inventory and depending on your preference we refund the security deposit either in cash or through a bank transfer. Please note that there is a final cleaning fee, depending on the size of the apartment, which is explicitly stated in the rental conditions.

Q: What is the Wi-Fi Internet speed & volume? How many TV channels are there? What kind of phone calls can I make?
A: The Internet/TV/Phone provider is Numericable. By default, the subscription formula is "Triple Play", where the download/upload speed of the Wi-Fi Internet is 1 to 5 Mbps and the monthly volume quota is 100 Gb. The WEP security access key will be provided to you upon the check-in. There are 120 TV channels available. The illimited local calls on landlines within Belgium are included in the pack, however should you wish to make a phone call on a mobile phone number or abroad, this call will be invoiced by the service provider and re-billed to you separately as an extraordinary charge by our company.

Q: Is there a housekeeping service in the apartment?
A: You will notice upon the check-in that the apartment is sparkling clean, it was serviced and prepared for you prior to your arrival. Though in order not to overburden your budget, we do not impose any compulsory housekeeping service (you are supplied with all the necessary equipment for cleaning). However might you wish to use a housekeeping service, we could recommend to you a trustworthy service provider.

Q: Is there any agency fee on your services?
A: We are not an agency but a real-estate specialized company who owns and manages its own property portfolio. There are no hidden charges, like agency/brokerage fees.


We have tried to do our best in gathering and responding to your most typical inquiries, however feel free to contact us in case you didn't find an answer to your specific question.